Books I've translated

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Taxi: A Photographic Journey  2010

By Sigbjørn Sigbjørnson





a-ha: The Swing of Things 1985-2010   2010
By Jan Omdahl; 2004 edition translated by Donald Tumasonis; translation revised and new material translated by Bruce Bawer




Neighbourhood Secrets  2009
Ed. Jan Inge Reilstad; Norwegian material translated by B.B.







Point Hope, Alaska  2009
By Berit Arnestad Foote





Capital of Culture Stavanger 2008  2007 
By various authors




Themes  2007
By Odd Nerdrum, with an introduction by Bjørn Li, translated by B.B.




Into the Ice
Ed. by Einar-Arne Drivenes & Harald Dag Jølle; translated by B.B., Deborah Dawkin, Joan S. Rongen & Erik Skuggevik






Lars Elling Paintings 



Eyewitness: The Christian Bjelland Collection  
By Hans-Jakob Brun



Visions: Eye on Dance   2005
By Kjersti Alveberg

Cover of Human Visas fort: HRS
Human Visas: A Report from the Front Lines of Europe's Integration Crisis  2003
y Hege Storhaug & HRS