Reviews of, interviews about, and references to While Europe Slept

Background picture: Memorial to victims of the March 11, 2004, bombings, Atocha Station, Madrid



Eric Weinberger in Boston Globe
nterview with Front Page Magazine
A kind word from James Woolsey in Front Page Magazine
David Forsmark in Front Page
J. Peder Zane in Raleigh News and Observer
Andrew Bostom in Front Page Magazine
Christopher Orlet in American Spectator
Scott C. Yates in Rocky Mountain News
Carlin Romano in Philadelphia Inquirer
John F. Fink in Indianapolis Star
Diana West in Washington Times (and here, and here, and here at her website)
Andre Zantonavitch in
American Thinker
Clive Davis in Washington Times (and here too)
Interview with GayPatriot
Roger L. Simon on his blog
Andrew Sullivan on his blog
Mona Charen in her column
Fred Siegel in The New York Sun  
Pieter Dorsman on his blog (and here too)
Douglas Murray on the Social Affairs Unit website
Review in The Economist, continuing here  (and my unpublished letter about it)
J. Peter Pham and Michael I. Krauss in TCS Daily
Anneti Rufus in East Bay Express
Tom Miller at
Symposium at Front Page Magazine
Francis Fukuyama in Slate
Andrew Purvis in European edition of Time
Gil Troy in Canadian Jewish News
Gideon Rachman in Financial Times
Mark Steyn in Macleans
Glenn Beck on The Glenn Beck Show (transcript here)
The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Richard J. Rosendall in Bay Windows
Mary Eberstadt at Real Clear Politics
Prafull Goradia and K.R. Phanda in Daily Pioneer (India)
Johann Hari in Dissent
Paul Sheehan in Sydney Morning Herald
Ron Hogan at
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs
Patricia Cohen in The New York Times
John J. Miller at National Review's The Corner
Robert Spencer at Dhimmi Watch
Dan Blatt at GayPatriot
Rod Dreher at Beliefnet
Stephen Miller at Independent Gay Forum
James Kirchick at The New Republic's The Plank
Andrew Moravcsik in Newsweek
David Reinhard in Idaho Mountain Express
A mention at Front Page
Interview with Bill Moyers
A mention by Richard John Neuhaus in First Things
Brent Kallmer at Catholic Online
Jumana Farouky in Time Europe

Herb Denenberg in The Bulletin
Simon Kuper in Financial Times
Dick Andersen in Sierra Vista Herald
Robert Spencer in Front Page

Bryan Myrick at BlogCritics


In Welt am Sonndag
In Die Welt

Kurt Olav Ĺmĺs in Aftenposten
Mina Hauge Nćrland in Dagbladet
Hans Rustad at (and here, and here, and here)
Hege Storhaug at

Klaus Wivel in Weekendavisen
Interview with Anders Raahauge in Jyllands-Posten

Another interview with Anders Raahauge in Jyllands-Posten
Interview with Bent Blüdnikow in Berlingske Tidende
Mikael Jalving in Sappho
Ulla Lauridsen at 180Grader
Henrik Gade Jensen in Jyllands-Posten

H.J. Schoo in De Volkskrant 
An excerpt from the book in Trouw
Interview in Elsevier
Review in De Leestafel
Review in Katholiek Nieuwsblad
Stephan Sanders in Vrij Nederland
In Nieuws uit Amsterdam (English here); also here (English here)

Giulio Meotti in Il Foglio
Interview with Giancarlo Loquenzi in L'Occidentale

Antonio Golmar in La Ilustración Liberal
Libertaddigital on the book's publication in Spain
Excerpt in La Razón
José María Marco at Libertad Digital
Daniel Martín at Estrella Digital
José Grau in ABC
Jorge Moragas
Florentino Portero at Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos

Andreas Malm in Dagens Nyheter