Hit job

Our (and Britons’) TV license fees at work: We just caught, on NRK2, the second half of a BBC “documentary” entitled “We Want Our Country Back” by one Miles Blayden-Ryall. It’s a shamelessly dishonest hit job about a group called Britain First whose members oppose Islamization. I don’t know them, but everything they say on camera is factual and reasonable. Everything Blayden-Ryall says in voice-over communicates the message that they’re hateful, dangerous, delusionary fascists. When they hold a demo in Rotherham, where police covered up the rape of over 1400 non-Muslim girls by Muslim men, Blayden-Ryall describes the protesters as “exploiting the tragedy” and calls their protest a “stunt.” Has the BBC made a documentary about those rapes and the cover-up – and about the likelihood that the same thing is still happening all over the UK? No. It’s Britain First who are the problem.