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A Norwegian Thatcher?  STANDPOINT, December 2008

"...the Thatcher-like brio with which Jensen defies PC pieties sets her apart."
Why we need more leaders like Vaclav Havel  PAJAMAS MEDIA, 6 June 2008
" is vital that free people be familiar with — and honor — the examples of those valiant few who, living under totalitarianism, have stood up to it with a courage that today’s appeasers of Islam could hardly imagine."
The way of all flesh  HUDSON REVIEW, Autumn 2007
The cumulative effect [of Seven Up] is, indeed, poetic. Growing out of a program designed by socialists to promote a collectivist worldview, the series might almost have been created by libertarians to underscore the singularity and integrity of the human person."
Staten er overalt!  MINERVA, January 2007
"Jeg flyttet til Norge 1. april 1999.  Cirka 2. april begynte nordmenn ĺ  fortelle meg hvor vidunderlig deres soialdemokrati var."
In the shadow of the Gulag: Tony Judt's Europe  THE HUDSON REVIEW, Winter 2007
"Judt expresses the hope that the European public will develop a 'patriotism for Europe'; but given how the EU works...the 'patriotism' he longs for would have to be founded...on a deference not unlike that of a serf toward his feudal lord."
On the golden age of American songwriting  HUDSON REVIEW, Autumn 2005
"Dylan and Lennon were indeed part of a musical revolution.  But what did they overthrow?  They overthrew something that is now known (though not, presumably, at Rolling Stone) as the golden age of American songwriting."
On the wealth of nations  NEW YORK TIMES, April 17, 2005
"Why do Norwegians have such a wealthy self-image?"
On Queen Christina of Sweden  NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, November 7, 2004
"It's not exactly the image Greta Garbo tried to convey in the 1933 movie, but in Veronica Buckley's vividly persuasive new biography, Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-89) comes across as the Pippi Longstocking of her time -- a footloose, strong-willed, mischief-making, utterly idiosyncratic Swedish imp."
On anti-American caricatures  DAGBLADET, August 1, 2004  (IN NORWEGIAN)
"...i Vest-Europa blir Amerikas problemer ofte grotesk overdrevet og positive sider feid av banen, mens det styggeste ved andre land blir bagatellisert eller oversett."
On the early 1960s  WILSON QUARTERLY, Spring 2004                                      
the attractiveness of the early 1960s is bound up to a considerable extent with the period’s naiveté, its innocence as to the moral and strategic complexities of the projects it was undertaking so eagerly."   New York Times columnist David Brooks on this essay. 
On Rick Santorum   SALON.COM  (use Salon's "free day pass")  
"Santorum's remarks conveyed a staggering disdain not only for homosexuals but for America's founding ideals."
On David Brock  WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD, March 17, 2002
"He quotes the worst things critics said about him, and agrees with every word. In a strange way, it's both too much and, somehow, not enough."
On PBS  THE NEW REPUBLIC, March 27, 1995
"If Congress pulls the plug on public television, what will we be losing?"
On Peter Noll's In the Face of Death  NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, January 21, 1990
"While this book may not transfigure its readers' views of death, as Noll wished, it is nonetheless a remarkable piece of writing - an evocative, harrowing, maddening and ultimately poignant self-portrait of an enigmatic soul in extremis."