Discovering Shadi Hamid

This smirking gasbag is eager to accept Islam’s illiberalism, seek out “nuances” within the religion, and refuse to be judgmental about even its most appalling attributes. But he’s quick to savage Trump as a monster and bigot for acknowledging and standing up to that illiberalism. Similarly, while he’s OK with Islamic governments enacting laws that […]

No more

No more flags of foreign countries posted on Facebook in a spirit of solidarity. No more empathic Twitter hashtags. No more empty statements by heads of government declaring that “the terrorists have failed in their effort to turn us against one another.” No more equally empty statements by other heads of government expressing their own […]

Brutal realities

On CNN and Fox News, one politician after another professed to be “shocked” by the massacre in Orlando. “Who would have expected such a thing?” people kept asking. Actually, I’ve been expecting just such a thing for years. The only shock was that it took this long for some jihadist to go after a gay […]

No laughing matter

Comedy ain’t what it used to be. Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, among others, have said that they’d never do stand-up on a campus these days because the ultra-PC students are so easily offended. Since Joan Rivers’ untimely death in 2014 robbed us of a bold, antic counterweight to all things PC, three other female […]


Gloria Steinem and Mayor DeBlasio’s wife will be among those gathering at the Brooklyn Museum today to honor Angela Davis, an unrepentant Communist, Jew-hater, and apologist for the Islamic oppression of women. Disgraceful, but these days hardly surprising.