Robert Spencer on The Alhambra

“Many people have called attention to the plight of gays in the Islamic world, and the death penalty that Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, mandates for them. But it is one thing to provide facts, and quite another, much more compelling thing to tell a story. In his new novel The Alhambra, Bruce Bawer tells […]

Thom Nickels on The Alhambra

“There are books that every reader wants to keep around for a long time. For me, one of those books would be Bruce Bawer’s The Alhambra. This novel is really the apotheosis of the author’s writing on the rise of Islam in Europe, or the selling out of Europe to Islam in the name of […]

Mark Tapson on The Alhambra

“The suicide bombing which slaughtered nearly two dozen concertgoers in Manchester last week demonstrates yet again that terrorism is indeed becoming ‘part and parcel,’ as London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan declared, of European life. And yet the continent’s elites continue to live in denial of the religious roots of that terrorism. Few are willing to […]

Sullivan’s travels

In a new essay, “I Used to Be a Human Being,” Andrew Sullivan goes on and on about the damage that his frenetic 24/7 online reading-and-commenting lifestyle did to his own precious psyche. But in his usual narcissistic fashion he still seems blithely unaware of, or indifferent to, the extraordinary damage that the recklessly hyped-up […]

A call from Kuwait

The difference between hating Islam and hating Muslims: Today Howard Stern took a call from a 16-year-old Kuwaiti kid, in Kuwait, who listens to him online by using a VPN. They talked for nearly an hour. The kid, who had excellent English and is from a well-off family, offered a harrowing glimpse of daily life […]

Hit job

Our (and Britons’) TV license fees at work: We just caught, on NRK2, the second half of a BBC “documentary” entitled “We Want Our Country Back” by one Miles Blayden-Ryall. It’s a shamelessly dishonest hit job about a group called Britain First whose members oppose Islamization. I don’t know them, but everything they say on […]