A call from Kuwait

The difference between hating Islam and hating Muslims: Today Howard Stern took a call from a 16-year-old Kuwaiti kid, in Kuwait, who listens to him online by using a VPN. They talked for nearly an hour. The kid, who had excellent English and is from a well-off family, offered a harrowing glimpse of daily life in an Islamic country even for a child of privilege with a Muslim background. He’s scared every day of being blown up by terrorists. He also lives in fear of his own government. An acquaintance of his was imprisoned for years for offending a Saudi. Gay kids are deeply closeted, knowing they’ll “have their dicks cut off” if they’re found out. Asked if he’s a believing Muslim, the kid said: “Are you kidding? All that fucking Aladdin shit?” He loves Stern, The Godfather, Tarantino movies, and wants to go to Hollywood and become a director – but the Kuwaiti authorities are pressuring him to study engineering so he can serve the state’s needs. The entire conversation was a model of how to vet these people. Here’s somebody who deserves to be sprung from the prison of the Islamic world – and who’d thrive in a free society, contribute to it, and help keep it free.